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I readily admit that I have no doubts that most members of the “truth movement” sincerely believe all the nonsense that they spout. I even think that most of the “leaders” of the movement, the ones who run the sites and write the books make the videos etc believe all of what they purport. However far too many of them present the facts in a less than honest fashion: quotes are taken out of context, contrary information omitted, rumors are reported as fact etc, others are too blinded by their preconceived notions to see the fallacies of their theories. I did want a blog title that would garner attention and ‘The Misconceptions of the Truth Movement’ just wouldn’t have the same ring to it.

I will address specific errors made by leading “truthers” in this blog and will erase any generic replies that have nothing to do with the entry topic. In other words if the entry is about Amanda Keller contradicting herself replies going on about the debris from flight 93 or Silverstein’s “pull it" comment etc. etc. will be deleted. Personal attacks and insults whether directed at me or other commenters, whether made by “truthers” or “debunkers” will be deleted as well.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gage's missing architect isn't an architect / More on Gage's numbers

As I mentioned yesterday Gage claims he signed up "the AIA Chapter CEO in Virginia"  there's still no sign of him or the 40 odd missing architects including one who is also a structural engineer, but I digrees.

One note about the Virginian, John W. Braymer, Ph.D. he doesn't seem to an architect. 

- He is an "honorary" member of the AIA. 

- No one with his last name is licensed to do anything in Virgina

- A local paper reported, "Before his work with the VSAIA and the Virginia Foundation for Architecture, Dr. Braymer served as a Senior Legislative Analyst with Virginia's General Assembly and was Assistant Professor of English at the University of Richmond." 

Despite the fact Gage spent thousands of dollar to go to the AIA connvention and claims that their booth was "the busiest booth around us by far!"   and that he signed up 50 new architects, the out seems to have been a misrable failure since he really only signed up 1 - 6 new architects.

 Let's look at the numbers he claims that 20 - 24 thousand architects attended and that he and his group spoke to "hundreds of them", that "about 80%" were supportive and that "about 50" signed the petition but the number of architects and engineers in his group increased by 6 or less in the last 2 weeks. Thus, even assuming all the newbies were from the convention, among attendees his sign up rate was about 0.003% and of those he spoke to about 1 - 3%. 

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